Sometimes it’s good to know how others have felt after their hypnotherapy session. Here are just some testimonials of others experiences and successes with Focus Hypnosis. 🙂

F.R.E.E. Finding Release from Emotional Eating

“Amazing group of people, facilitated by a skilled, compassionate Amanda. It was not just about weight loss but much, much deeper than that. We faced ourselves and changed our mind set. We have all thrived since this group and continue to support each other as we all progress. Thoroughly recommend this life changing group. Thank you Amanda!” S.C. Busselton

“Amanda facilitated a safe and compassionate group for women to explore roadblocks in their weight loss journey and NLP techniques on how to overcome them. A gentle approach gave real support to participants and the techniques work and continue to “come back to you” in moments of crisis back home. I’ve walked away with a high level of awareness of what I need to change and with some activities to continue that change.” R.H. Dunsborough

“Amanda is incredibly knowledgable, supportive and encouraging. Highly recommend!!” S.T. Busselton

“I recently completed one of Amanda’s Groups and cannot find enough words to describe the safe, calm, supportive space she creates for us to explore all the new concepts she shares with us. Helping us to fully understand how and why we keep putting the pressures on ourselves and helping us with understanding we are important enough, fabulous enough, gorgeous enough to put the time and effort into treating ourselves in the manner we treat our Family and Loved Ones……all I can say is Thank you Amanda you have made a huge difference in my life and how I choose to live it” J.W. Busselton

“I have attended a few of Amanda’s workshops and absolutely love her!! She creates a safe space and teaches practical tools to take home to continue your journey .. I really found that The NLP techniques helped me change my thinking to be more positive and actually see each step forward will get me to a very attainable goal .. and that I am worth making the journey .. I place total trust in Amanda & her process.” L.M. Busselton

Weight loss

“Happy dance, happy dance, it’s weigh day today and another half kilo gone!” Dunsborough

“Well so far I have lost 3.5kgs, my clothes are fitting much better and whilst I know I am a long way from my target I feel focused and determined to knock 9 bells out of the other kilos too. My eating is going well. There have been a few instances, coffee with friends etc where I have turned down cake and cookies etc., my goodness it felt good to say no thank you I do not need them and then smile because I don’t actually want to eat them! How awesome is that!” A.C. Dunsborough

“Very professional, non-threatening and calm. Thank you for helping me to help myself.”  Chocoholic

Quit Smoking

“After being a full time smoker from the age of 16 to 36, it was time to seriously look at what I was doing to my body. After being asked by my babies to quit and having them upset every time I lit a smoke, I went to see Amanda who was totally amazing. I was a bit sceptical at first but had to give it a go. Amanda made me feel totally relaxed and I experienced a complete sense of calm and peace which I will never forget. I highly recommend Amanda, she has done what all the other ways I tried could not” L.C. Busselton

“I was very surprised that I actually didn’t crave a smoke even in the company of smokers.” W.V.M. Perth


“I saw Amanda twice for insomnia. After my first appointment I began sleeping longer each night. Small increases at first, an hour more, then a half an hour more. But then after my second session I all of a sudden began sleeping the whole night through! Now I can think clearly and my day is so much easier. I am back to my old self again. I feel great!” 

“I can’t believe how well I  have been sleeping since seeing you – so nice….:)” B.B. Cowaramup

“Thanks for the great session it has given the “power” back to me (or at least it will long term).  I made it to 4am yesterday and 3ish last night. I look toward to the next session.” K.G. Busselton

Confidence and Self Esteem

“My session with Amanda was pleasant, she is very good at putting you at ease and making you feel comfortable. I felt very relaxed and safe during our consultation.” A.C. Perth

Pain Management

“I highly recommend visiting Focus Hypnosis, I suffer from chronic pain and after many years of taking pain pills and reaching for rubs and a other external relief, I felt my body needed something else. When my session was completed I felt very content and had a overall feeling of well being. Once I left I found myself looking for pain in my body and couldn’t find anything that caused me discomfort. For two days I didn’t feel any real pain.
Since my session, I have been able to manage a lot of my pain with out having to medicate. I have reduced my pain killer intake by about 2 thirds. I’m very impressed with Focus Hypnosis and will be returning for following up sessions. Thank you so much Amanda.” A.S. Baldivis

“I can definitely say I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I still have moments where I relapse into my old thoughts and feelings, but I do my best to bring myself back to my yellow light Smiling face with smiling eyes I definitely feel like myself again and I’ve been able to cut back on my pain killers which is a big deal Smiling face with smiling eyes Looking forward to our next meeting. xx” M.W. Busselton

Loving Yourself Workshop

“Went to Amanda’s workshop on Sat arvo and came away feeling fantastic. I have been flooded with positive thoughts and love for myself that I had forgotten. Now to put these practices into my everyday living so I can become the person that I deserve to be. Highly recommend this to anyone thinking of it!!” M.S. Busselton

“Spent minimal time experiencing Amanda’s hypnosis skills today and it was amazing! Can only think how life-changing it would be if I had a complete session. Looking forward to your coming workshop to experience & learn more” S.C. Bunbury