Quit Smoking

You’re one click away from being a non smoker for life.

Great work! The decision to quit is a big one, so well done.  Let me tell you about our quit smoking package. You receive

  • Two clinical hypnotherapy sessions

  • A years worth of support including phone, Skype, email and face to face.

  • Stress management techniques

  • A reinforcement downloadMost clients will quit in the first hypnotherapy session, the second is used for reinforcement as well as dealing with factors such as stress management and cravings and equips you with all the tools to stay a non smoker for life. These two sessions are ideally close together. (2-4 days apart is best) If you need it (most people don’t!) a third session is used for those moments when you are having a hard time, feeling stressed or think you may go back to smoking. It is your safety net basically! You can claim your third session at any time over the year.

    During the year if you feel like you don’t need a full session but want to have a chat you can call, Skype or email for that extra pep talk or a new way of looking at things. You also get access to our exclusive reinforcement download and heaps of new ways to feel better in every day life.

    Your success is my success and it is really important to me that you achieve your goal of being a non smoker. That means I will help you wherever I can. You can check out my blog here which tells you some ways to prepare yourself to be a non smoker for life.

    I have a great success rate and had many smiling clients walk out the door as non smokers but this next testimonial is special. It’s from my very first session for quit smoking and she is to this day a successful non smoker. I know, because I see her around town and every time I do she smiles and tells me so!

    “After being a full time smoker from the age of 16 to 36, it was time to seriously look at what I was doing to my body. After being asked by my babies to quit and having them upset every time I lit a smoke, I went to see Amanda who was totally amazing. I was a bit skeptical at first but had to give it a go. Amanda made me feel totally relaxed and I experienced a complete sense of calm and peace which I will never forget. I highly recommend Amanda, she has done what all the other ways I tried could not” L.C. Busselton

    Contact me today to make your appointment. Looking forward to helping YOU become a non smoker.