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What 11 Days of Meditation did for me.

Have you ever noticed how time seems to speed up as you get older? Where the weeks or months go in a blink and all of a sudden you are asking ‘How did I get here so quickly?’

I recently completed a wonderful live set of meditations and after 11 days I really noticed that even though I had already established a meditation practice in the mornings, the evening meditations really slowed life down. I am so much more aware of where I am at any point of the day, physically, mentally and emotionally.

During 11 Days of Meditation I was experiencing a slowing down of time, a greater awareness of myself and a presence, that I am used to experiencing sometimes, occurring more and more.

It wasn’t that these meditations were particularly amazing, (although there were some lovely ones in there!) it was instead, the action of making that time for myself. The intention to slow myself down for 20 minutes and leaving ‘successful’ meditation expectations out of it. It was the very act of being present in what ever I was feeling and thinking that slowed everything else down. Allowing it instead of judging it.

The ripple effect was noticeable. I can honestly say that the last 11 days have been so much more fun because I have been present. Nothing spectacular happened. I worked, did the usual things with my family. I still cleaned and cooked and folded endless piles of washing. But I had a ton more fun doing it.

Now in the evenings I am happy to use that 20 minutes to slow everything else down. It is a strange sensation of spending time to receive more time elsewhere but I’ll go with it!

If you would like to explore meditation with me you can sign up for my weekly meditations…click the heart to go to the signup page!

If you are curious about 11 Days of Meditation you can join the event and start at Day 1 by clicking here.

Much love and presence to you all. <3

Photo by Uroš Jovičić on Unsplash

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