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How to Stop Emotional Eating

There are so many different ways out there to lose weight. It seems everyone has a different answer. Eat this, don’t eat that. Do this exercise, don’t do that one. And yes there are some fabulous programs out there that help you. So what does the F.R.E.E. program offer that is different from the usual diet and exercise programs? What is different is this…most ‘diets’ fail not because they are bad diets but because the limiting self beliefs and the resulting emotions we hold about ourselves haven’t changed. Clinical hypnotherapy focuses on changing those limiting beliefs to ones that support health inside and out.

Perhaps you feel you aren’t worth being the size you want to be. Perhaps you’re stuck in the “I’ll be happy when” rut. Perhaps you eat to feel safe. Perhaps you don’t exactly know why you are stuffing your face when no one is around. Or even why you can be ‘good’ for a week then come crashing down. You might have lost weight before and, like this Toothpaste cartoon, discovered that nope it actually wasn’t the weight that made you hate yourself.                                                                                                                                                                                                          When you let go of the limiting beliefs around how much you deserve to be the weight you want to be. And you let go of the need to have weight as a protection. And all of the other limiting beliefs we hold around things like our capacity to exercise, whether our weight is “genetic” and so on…Weight loss becomes SO much easier. When you add supporting beliefs that motivate and encourage your efforts…the results can be amazing.

Ready to tackle weight in a different way? F.R.E.E. Finding Release from Emotional Eating can change your life. Find out more about the online course here.

“Amanda facilitated a safe and compassionate group for women to explore roadblocks in their weight loss journey and N.L.P. techniques on how to overcome them. A gentle approach gave real support to participants and the techniques work and continue to “come back to you” in moments of crisis back home. I’ve walked away with a high level of awareness of what I need to change and with some activities to continue that change.” R.H. Dunsborough

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