How To Make it EASY To Quit Smoking Forever.


Feel like you are ready to quit? I am seeing more and more clients who want to break the hold that cigarette smoking has over them. If you are considering hypnotherapy to quit smoking, congratulations! It is an amazing and powerful way to change your life and behaviours. Did you know that in one of the largest studies, (72,000 people!) (University of Iowa, Journal of Applied Psychology, How One in Five Give Up Smoking. October 1992.) Hypnotherapy was 3 times more effective than the patch and 15 times more effective than will power alone?

As amazing as that is when you come to Focus Hypnosis to quit smoking there are some things that will make the journey to being a non smoker much easier. So what do you need to know to be successfully a non smoker? Here are 4 things to consider on your journey to health, freedom and an amazing life.

  • What is your stress ‘go to’?

Right now if you are a smoker the answer may be a cigarette, but when you are a non smoker what will you do to reduce your stress? How about some breathing exercises or meditation? How about a run or a walk on the beach? How about listening to your favourite song or calling a friend? It’s good to have a few of these already established in your daily routine so that the ‘stress factor’ is eliminated from your Quit Smoking journey.

  • What are the positives of quitting?

Positives might seem pretty easy to find when you are not in need of them. But if you are facing down that morning coffee without a cigarette sometimes you will need to remember the positives of being a non smoker. They could be health reasons, staying around for your kids, not smelling like an ashtray,or even the pride of being someone who your children can look up to. Whatever your positives are, these are your motivating factors of why you want to stay a non smoker. More so than the negatives, the positives are what will keep you moving forward.

  • What will I do with all that time/money?

Hah tooo easy! Well finding new ways to spend your time and extra money is important. Are you going to take up a new hobby? Or maybe just be more organised? What about saving for a holiday? Or being much more comfortable week to week. To prepare yourself, write a list of the things you could do differently with all the extra time and money you save.

  • What will I do if I have a relapse?

You know when granny was telling you that story about falling off the horse and the best thing to do was to get back on it? YEP! It’s not a failure to relapse once or even twice.  If you have been a smoker for even just a few years your sub-conscious mind has taken over the smoking reflex. When you break the pattern, even with hypnosis, sometimes those old neurons will occasionally try to fire. What is helpful here is to remember that YOU are in control. Not the old neurons, not the habit and most definitely not that little white and yellow cancer stick. So get back on the horse! LIKE A BOSS.

When you know the answers to these questions your quit smoking journey with Focus Hypnosis will be much easier. Putting these details into your plan will turn your dream of being a non smoker to the reality you deserve.  

Yours in successful non smoking,



P.S. Until the 20th November 2016 Focus Hypnosis is offering a 25% discount for the Quit Smoking Package.

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  1. Hi buddy

    Hypnosis can be used for Quitting Smoking!
    Till date, I knew that Chinese acupuncture can do the job decently and hypnosis is only used for mentally ill patients. Whatever, the use of alternative treatments are increasing day by day and they have less or no side effect comparatively to the traditional medicine. That’s why such practice should be increased.

    These days hypnosis is used for many different problems, including pain management & quitting smoking, as well as helping people with mental illness. It’s true there are no side effects with hypnosis or acupuncture if provided by qualified practitioners.

    Thanks for sharing buddy

  2. What a fascinating post! I had no idea that hypnosis can be used for quitting cigarettes. Personally, my dad was able to quit smoking using e-cigarettes. My grandpa, on the other hand, might be able to use hypnosis since he’s not so tech savvy in using the e-cigarettes. Thank you!
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