Focus Hypnosis is dedicated to helping you to Be The Best You Can Be


Hypnosis is a tool that uses the power of your own subconscious mind to receive and accept the helpful and positive suggestions that you request. You can use hypnosis to assist you to eliminate habits such as smoking, overeating and nail biting. If you want to move past any phobias or fears you may have, relieve anxiety or assist in rejuvenating your health, hypnosis is an incredible resource to use. One of the great passions we have at Focus Hypnosis is to see our clients building confidence, motivation, self esteem and self love. It is an absolute pleasure to assist you to tap into your highest potential.

The team at Focus Hypnosis are dedicated to helping you to achieve positive changes in your life. With our guidance and experience, we can help you to harness your own innate ability to heal yourself and transform your experiences in life.

Some of our past clients have this to say about their experiences;

“After being a full time smoker from the age of 16 to 36, it was time to seriously look at what I was doing to my body. After being asked by my babies to quit and having them upset every time I lit a smoke, I went to see Amanda who was totally amazing. I was a bit sceptical at first but had to give it a go. Amanda made me feel totally relaxed and I experienced a complete sense of calm and peace which I will never forget. I highly recommend Amanda, she has done what all the other ways I tried could not” L.C. Busselton

“Very professional, non-threatening and calm. Thank you for helping me to help myself.”  Chocoholic



Let Focus Hypnosis help you to Be The Best You Can Be!…